UNIQLO - Illustration
Sint Lucas Antwerpen Graduation shows 2015 - Identity
Organic Wine - Shoot De Morgen Magazine
Leen Boden jewely - Shoot
Commentary Project - Football Flag
Summer wine - Shoot for De Morgen Magazine
Integrated 2013 - Lecture
Postcard for Grafixxx - De Studio
The Dutch Connection - Graphic design
Festival Wine - Shoot for De Morgen Magazine
Milla - Identity
Makerlab - Posters campaign for De Winkelhaak
Jungle - Exposition at the Bries Space Gallery
Pony Power - Shoot for De Morgen Magazine
Studio Fluit Stuff - Bags and shirts
Reynaert - Poster and flyer for theatre Milla
Designprofs - Illustrations for Knack Weekend
Welcome to Antwerp - Posters
Perfume - Knack Weekend
10 jaar Kunstenloket - Identity